About Harley Street Search

Harley St Search is one of the leading healthcare recruitment agencies in the the Middle East. We supply the full range of locum (where possible), interim and permanent healthcare professionals into the General Medical and Fertility Centres, and we’ve established a reputation for providing a quality of service and integrity that is second to none.

We’ve been in the healthcare staffing business for more than five years but our consultants and management team have been in the GCC for over 25 years so understand the environment, culture and labour laws. During that time we’ve gained invaluable experience in meeting the unique challenges of the sectors we serve. Our success has come from the long term relationships we build with clients and candidates. At the heart of our approach is a genuine desire to give both an unparalleled service.

Our clients are increasingly looking for partners who can help them find efficient and dedicated staff internationally. We can help through our managed services, including vendor management, staff bank management, consultancy services and on-site support.

We are also the worlds first IVF specialist recruitment organisation who are fortunate enough work with the highest calibre candidates and clients in the GCC and Europe. We passionately love and understand the Fertility Sector, and ensure we are well informed with any changes in legislation internationally, as well as keeping up to date with the new technologies and medicines available, to ensure we keep our clients and candidates well informed at all times.

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